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7 June 2011

New sound, new album

Conehead are delighted to announce that they will release the new album 'Waves', from vocal powerhouse Rhydian on 1 August 2011 [produced by Greg Fitzgerald; Kylie ? 'Fever']. Rhydian enjoyed massive success with his first two albums after becoming a true phenomenon on the X Factor, he has received Gold and Platinum sales discs, played arenas, sold out solo tours, anchored TV shows and performed at Galas and - on several occasions - for Royalty. Now in 2011, Rhydian has taken the opportunity to truly unleash his creativity and even to raise a few eyebrows, by releasing a collection of brand new interpretations of songs from the New Wave era. The unusual circumstances that brought about this new album seem to suggest that it is destined to succeed.

Rhydian records all of his vocal exercises and lessons on cassette and, whilst looking for fresh supplies, found an old tape that had belonged to his brother. Before recording over it he decided on a whim to play it; the first track immediately struck a chord. That track turned out to be 'Parade' by White & Torch. "I had a moment of clarity and knew that this sound was perfect for me and my vocal style. People are always suggesting songs for me to perform, but I got straight on the phone to my label and told them that I wanted to go in this direction. Once we'd identified the track we decided to build the album around tracks by artists such as Black, Blancmange, When In Rome and The Mission."

'Waves' sees Rhydian shifting focus and harnessing the power and innate theatricality in his vocal delivery to perfectly complement this new suite of material. 'Waves' deploys the same sense of fun and drama that characterized the New Wave era whilst also showcasing Rhydian's extraordinary baritone vocals and the phrasing that makes each song his. Ian McNabb of Icicle Works has commented, "He's a terrific singer and a proper pop star. He's kept it really up beat and poppy and it sounds like a hit all over again. By the way my mum loves you and hasn't been this excited for years. Power on". Pat Gribben of The Adventures added, "When someone with a voice gifted from God and who could choose to record any sing picks out one of yours it's the ultimate compliment. I'm chuffed to bits."

'Waves' is a bold and confident album made by a performer at the top of his game. With massive success already achieved, Rhydian has chosen to take both control and the creative route. "I'm a singer, not a songwriter, and what I do is interpret and communicate songs that I love. This new album fits really well with the music that my fans know already and I think they are going to love this too."

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