Atomic Rooster: “A Classic History Of”

“A Classic History Of” Atomic Rooster is released on 18 May 2018 as a 3CD Box Set through ‘Store For Music’ [Cat No SFMBOX009]. This is a release drawing together key tracks by the line-up of Atomic Rooster featuring the legendary powerhouse trio of John Du Cann, Vincent Crane and Paul Hammond.  This 3CD collection draws together key tracks from the commercially successful period of 1970 to 1972, and also the reformation in 1979 to 1982.   All tracks on this 3CD set were mastered under the watchful eye of the late John Du Cann from masters supplied from his archives.


Commercial success hit the band in 1970 after John Du Cann joined as singer/songwriter/guitarist.  He came from a background in legendary heavy psych (Andromeda) and he played in style similar to Ritchie Blackmore though arguably with more aggression and feel.  The band enjoyed hit singles with “Tomorrow Night” and “Devil’s Answer”. This version of the band split in 1972 but then reformed in 1979.  After releasing singles on Polydor they spent nearly 9 months recording an album which ended up never getting an official release, tracks from those sessions are collected on CD3 of this box set.


CD 1:

  1. I Can’t Take No More 2. Taken You Over 3. Lost In Space 4. Play It Again 5. Devil’s Answer (Live) 6. Rebel With A Clause 7. Tomorrow Night (live) 8. Night Living 9. Death Walks Behind You 10. It’s So Unkind 11. Play The Game 12. When You Go To Bed 13. Head In The Sky

CD 2:

  1. Death Walks Behind You 2. Broken Window 3. Moonrise 4. I Can’t Take No More (Live) 5. Do You Know Who’s Looking For You 6. Throw Your Life Away 7. No Change By Me 8. Hold It Through The Night 9. Don’t Lose Your Mind 10. He Did It Again 11. End Of The Day 12. V.U.G. 13. Lost In Space

CD 3:

  1. Make Me Strong 2. The Devil In Me 3. Fool 4. It Can Wait Another day 5. Mind Over Matter 6. Cut The Wire 7. A Matter of Time 8. Open Up The Sky 9. City Boy 10. The Buck Stops Here 11. Somebody’s Looking After you? 12. Leopard’s Skin 13. X-MASS


Serving as a proving ground for many a musician, Atomic Rooster always delivered a quality product and this celebration of the band’s work featuring John Du Cann, Vincent Crane and Paul Hammond maintains that proud record.


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