Ian Gillan ‘The Voice of Deep Purple: The Gillan Years’

“The Voice of Deep Purple: The Gillan Years” from Ian Gillan is released on 17th November 2017 on 3CD digipack through ‘Store For Music’ [Cat No SFMBOX006]. As Deep Purple undertake their ‘final’ live dates around the globe on The Long Goodbye tour, we celebrate the ‘Gillan Years’. This Set contains three albums taken from across this legendary performer’s incredible and hugely varied career: Naked Thunder (1990), Scarabus (1977) and Accidentally on Purpose (1988).  As well as each album in full, we also include 5 Bonus Tracks: ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Black Night’ and ‘Restless’ – Gillan; ‘Child In Time’, ‘Woman From Tokyo’ – Ian Gillan Band, plus an interview with Ian Gillan in Tokyo, during the Gillan Japanese tour.



CD 1:

  1. Gut Reaction 2. Talking To You 3. No Good Luck 4. Nothing But The Best 5. Loving On Borrowed Time 6. Sweet Lolita 7. Nothing To Lose 8. Moonshine 9. Long And Lonely Ride 10. Love Gun 11. No More Cane On The Brazo 12. Smoke On The Water (Bonus Track) 13. Black Night (Bonus Track)

CD 2:

  1. Scarabus 2. Exhausted 3. Poor Boy Hero 4. Mercury High 5. Pre-Release 6. Slags To Bitches 7. Apathy 8. Mad Elaine 9. Country Lights 10. Fool’s Mate 11. Child In Time (Bonus Track) 12. Woman From Tokyo (Bonus Track)

CD 3:

  1. Clouds And Rain 2. Evil Eye 3. She Took My Breath Away 4. Dislocated 5. Via Miami 6. I Can’t Dance To That 7. Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave 8. Lonely Avenue 9. Telephone Box 10. I Thought No 11. Cayman Island 12. The Purple People Eater 13. Chet 14. Restless (Bonus Track) 15. Interview – Ian Gillan – Japanese Tour (Bonus Track)


Ian Gillan is best known of course as the lead singer and lyricist for the truly legendary Deep Purple but his musical career takes in other avenues too. Upon leaving Purple in 1973, Gillan subsequently formed The Ian Gillan Band (around late 1975/early ‘76) and the band simply called ‘Gillan’ in 1978.  After a spell fronting ‘Black Sabbath’, Gillan rejoined a reunited ‘Deep Purple’ in 1984.  He left the band briefly in 1989 but rejoined a couple of years later and he performs with them still today across the world.  “The Voice of Deep Purple: The Gillan Years” celebrates a true one-off talent.


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