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On 20 July 2009, Eagle Rock’s new rock label Armoury Records is delighted to reissue at mid-price the Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society catalogue. Issued at this price for the first time, these five albums offer a great way to pick up all of the early work of this truly larger than life rock phenomenon. Black Label Society was founded in 1998 by legendary guitar hero Zakk Wylde and runs in parallel with Zakk’s ongoing work as Ozzy Osbourne’s lead guitarist. This series of reissues takes in BLS as well as Zakk’s two earlier projects “Pride & Glory” and “Book Of Shadows”. The 20 July releases represent the first half of the reissue programme and a further five albums [all Black Label Society] will be reissued in August, namely: 1919 Eternal / The Blessed Hellride / Hangover Music Vol.VI / Kings Of Damnation / Mafia.

Pride & Glory “Pride & Glory”
Cat No: ADMCD510 [2CD]

Pride & Glory was the first band fronted by legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde and is the first of the mid-price reissues of Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society on Armoury Records. Pride & Glory’s eponymous debut album proved to be their only recording and the band itself only lasted for a year. The album was originally released in May 1994 and this reissue includes the second disc of rare recordings that was added to the album in 1999, making all the Pride & Glory material available in one set.

Line-Up: Zakk Wylde ? Guitars & Vocals; James LoMenzo ? Bass & Vocals; Brian Tichy ? Drums & Percussion

Zakk Wylde “Book Of Shadows”
Cat No: ADMCD511 [2CD]

Following the demise of the short lived Pride & Glory, Zakk Wylde started work on his first (and so far only) solo album “Book Of Shadows”. Originally released in 1996 it is now reissued on Armoury Records and includes the 3 track bonus disc that was added in 1999. “Book Of Shadows” finds Zakk Wylde in a much more introspective mood than on his other recordings and contains a substantial amount of acoustic material and includes “Throwin’ It All Away”, Zakk’s elegy for his friend Shannon Hoon of the band Blind Melon who had recently died of a drug overdose.

Line-Up: Zakk Wylde ? Guitars & Vocals; James LoMenzo ? Bass & Vocals; Joe Vitale ? Drums & Keyboards
Black Label Society “Sonic Brew”
Cat No: ADMCD512 [2CD]

“Sonic Brew” was the first Black Label Society album. Musically it still has a distinctly “southern rock” feel although there are signs of the much heavier style that was to follow on subsequent BLS albums. Originally released just in Japan in 1998, it was remixed and remastered and had two further tracks added before its US release in 1999 and had to have a new cover done following legal action from Johnnie Walker over the original cover’s likeness to a bottle of their Black Label Whisky. It is this version of the album that is now reissued on Armoury Records. Features Mike Inez from Alice In Chains on the Ozzy Osbourne cover “No More Tears”.

Line-Up: Zakk Wylde ? Guitars, Vocals, Bass & Piano; Phil Ondich ? Drums; Mike Inez ? Bass (track 15 only)

Black Label Society “Stronger Than Death”
Cat No: ADMCD513 [CD]

“Stronger Than Death” was Black Label Society’s second album, originally released in April 2000. It sees Zakk Wylde taking the band in a much heavier direction and developing the sound that everyone associates with BLS today. The overall imagery of the band based around the distinctive skull logo (taken from drummer Phil Ondich’s illustrations) is also much more in keeping with their later style.

Line-Up: Zakk Wylde ? Guitars, Vocals, Bass & Piano; Phil Ondich ? Drums; Mike Piazza ? Guest Vocals (track 9 only)

Black Label Society “Alcohol Fueled Brewtality”
Cat No: ADMCD514 [2CD]

“Alcohol Fueled Brewtality” was recorded on Black Label Society’s Penchant For Violence tour in the summer of 2000 and originally released in early 2001. The tour had seen the debut of the band’s new line-up. This was BLS’ first live release and the two disc set was completed by five previously unreleased studio tracks including a new acoustic version of “The Beginning?At Last” from their debut “Sonic Brew” album. This full two disc set is now reissued on Armoury Records.

Line-Up: Zakk Wylde ? Guitars & Vocals (plus Bass & Piano on disc 2); Craig Nunenmacher ? Drums; Nick Catanese ? Guitar (disc 1 only); Steve Gibb ? Bass (disc 1 only)

For more info on this and other Armoury / Eagle releases please contact Chris Hewlett PR on or 0208 348 6767

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