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Ted Nugent Reissue Campaign

On 21 September 2009, Eagle Rock’s new rock label Armoury Records is delighted to reissue at mid-price their six-album Ted Nugent catalogue. With the set issued at this price for the first time, these reissues offer a great way to pick up key albums from this truly larger than life rock phenomenon.

Now in his fifth decade of ferocious high octane Motor City madness Nugent thankfully shows no signs of mellowing. These Armoury reissues reiterate his incredible guitar work on that famous Gibson Byrdland and unerring ability to pen huge rock anthems.

Ted Nugent “Full Bluntal Nugity”
Cat No: ADMCD503
Recorded on New Year’s Eve 2000 at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, “Full Bluntal Nugity” was originally issued on Spitfire Records in 2001 and now forms part of the Ted Nugent reissue series on Armoury Records. The album features many Nuge classics including “Cat Scatch Fever”, “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang”, “Great White Buffalo” and “Motor City Madhouse” and is presented 100% totally live as heard on the night with no overdubs.
Line-Up: Ted Nugent ? Guitars, Vocals; Tommy Aldridge ? Drums; Marco Mendoza – Bass

Ted Nugent “Nugent”
Cat No: ADMCD504
Originally released in 1982 on the Atlantic label, “Nugent” was Ted’s eighth studio album. It was his first album for Atlantic and gave him a chance to regroup after an extended period of constant touring and recording. The Nuge revamped his band’s line-up, bringing back some old friends, and was rewarded with an album that hit the Top 50 on the US Billboard charts.
Line-Up: Ted Nugent ? Guitars, Vocals, 6-String Bass; Carmine Appice ? Drums, Vocals; Dave Kiswiney ? Bass, Vocals; Derek St Holmes ? Guitars, Vocals; Donnie Backus ? Piano on “Can’t Stop Me Now”

Ted Nugent “Penetrator”
Cat No: ADMCD505
“Penetrator”, Ted Nugent’s second album for Atlantic and his ninth studio album overall, was originally released in 1984 with its distinctive cover by celebrated fantasy artist Boris Vallejo. Once again Nugent had revamped his line-up and on this occasion added more keyboards and a much more consciously eighties pop/rock sound. The album was recorded at New York’s famous Power Station recording studios.
Line-Up: Ted Nugent ? Guitars, Vocals, 6-String Bass; Doug Lubahn ? Bass; Bobby Chouinard ? Drums; Alan St Jon ? Keyboards; Brian Howe ? Lead Vocals; Peter Wolf ? Percussion & Sequences

Ted Nugent “Little Miss Dangerous”
Cat No: ADMCD506
Ted Nugent’s third Atlantic album “Little Miss Dangerous”, originally released in 1986, very much followed on from “Penetrator” with its much greater use of keyboards and sequencing. The title track proved to be one of the Nuge’s biggest ever singles, attracting extensive airplay and exposure on MTV and featuring in the Miami Vice TV series in which Ted also had a cameo role.
Line-Up: Ted Nugent ? Guitars, Vocals, 6-String Bass; Dave Amato ? Rhythm Guitar, Synthesizer Guitar, Vocals; Michael Mason, Joe Galdo, Duane Hitchings ? Drums & Percussion; Ricky Phillips, Jay Ferguson ? Bass; Pat Leonard, Hawk Walinski, Larry Dermer – Keyboards

Ted Nugent “If You Can’t Lick ‘Em?Lick ‘Em”
Cat No: ADMCD507
Ted Nugent’s final album of the eighties, “If You Can’t Lick ‘Em?Lick ‘Em” proved to one of his strongest, with a much greater focus on his guitar sound than had been the case on his last few albums. The final track “That’s The Story Of Love” was co-written with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora and was issued as the first single. The booklet contains photos by rock photographer Ross Marino and the album is dedicated to his memory.
Line-Up: Ted Nugent ? Guitars, Vocals, Bass; Dave Amato ? Rhythm Guitar, Vocals; Pat Torpey ? Drums & Percussion; Chuck Wright ? Bass; John Purdell – Keyboards

Ted Nugent “Spirit Of The Wild”
Cat No: ADMCD508
“Spirit Of The Wild”, Ted Nugent’s eleventh studio album, is universally acclaimed as one of the finest of his career. Its focus on wilderness themes struck a strong chord with the Nuge and his performances are passionate throughout. The album saw the return of lead vocalist Derek St Holmes, who had been such a major feature of Ted’s seventies success, as both performer and song writing partner and the chemistry between the two men is as powerful as ever.
Line-Up: Ted Nugent ? Guitars, Vocals; Derek St Holmes ? Lead Vocals; Michael Lutz ? Bass, Vocals, Keyboards; Denny Carmassi, Benny Rappa, Gunner Ross ? Drums; Larry Fretangelo ? Percussion; Doug Banker ? Piano, Backing Vocals

For more info on this and other Armoury / Eagle releases please contact Chris Hewlett PR on chris@chrishewlett.com or 0208 348 6767

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