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Andrea Bruschi is the founder and driving creative force behind maverick musical pioneers Marti.

Eschewing the obvious route in favour of an eclectic and rewarding brew of jazz, rock and the avant garde, the band from Genoa are determined to travel a route of their own choosing ? a trail that they will blaze themselves. A band rooted in live performance, Andrea’s lovingly honed lyrics and bags of instinctive musical talent, Marti are a band that are winning themselves new fans all over Europe. "In Marti," Andrea affirms, "I am the author, and the band help me create the world that I have in my mind. It would not be possible for me to do this on my own." With ‘Better Mistakes’, the second Marti album, the band have created a varied confection of evocative – and often challenging – vignettes that curl lovingly into the ear, and are not easily forgotten.

This ambitious album has a sub-title, ‘An Eleven Song Cinematic Affair’, because as Andrea relates, "The idea underlying making this record was to make each song evolve and develop like a short movie. Each runs its course and then segues into another new piece. The overall effect is of a mixing of themes, inputs and images that act upon the listener in a way not unlike daydreaming whilst watching a movie! I guess it was a risky approach, we were not certain that it would work, but I am so proud of the album. Cinema is very important to me as a musician. It is a young medium ? only around 100 years ? but so powerful. We are a very organic band, we don’t use much in the way of electronics and, on this album, we were even able to use an orchestra ? it was like a dream come true. We had total artistic and creative freedom"

Second albums are traditionally meant to be difficult but, as even a cursory listen to the ‘Better Mistakes’ album will confirm, there was no lack of creativity or ideas. "I am a prolific writer, and many of the songs that are on ‘Better Mistakes’ we had already tried out at live shows by the time we went into the studio. In other cases, we had just the bare bones of a track, but we were never starting from scratch. We wanted this album to mark a progression from the ‘Unmade Beds’ album, we wanted to move on from there. With ‘Better Mistakes’ we have tried to infuse our songs with the sound and spirit of the 70s, the ‘New Wave’, the music that inspired me when I was growing up."

"Nietzsche said that, ‘Life without music is a mistake.’ I love the simplicity ? and truth – of that statement, and wrote that down in my journal. For me, good music tells a story, takes me to another world or helps me express myself. Being touched, or even shocked, by music is an incredible experience and we try to connect with people through Marti."

The title ‘Better Mistakes’ is, of course, a little tongue in cheek. "In life, we learn through our mistakes. Often, mistakes are how the best inventions and thoughts come about – by making ‘better mistakes’ we can all learn about ourselves. When Marti go into the studio, we never know for sure what kind of magic is going to happen but by keeping a sense of fluidity we find that the songs really shine."

"We put our heart and soul into our music. My life is my music, it is completely personal and yet I have the need to share it. Having the chance to communicate is the key, just to be have the chance to record this album is a success for me; for people to connect with it too would be fantastic. It is a mystery to me where my songs come from, and I keep it that way, I don’t want to turn off the tap by over-analysing! Sometimes I spend time at my piano, seeing if the muse is knocking, but often I just go out into the street, into life, with my journal to seek inspiration. I absorb whatever happens to me and can often translate an experience into a lyric that holds real meaning for me. I have refined my ability to transfer the concepts that I have into honest music from the heart. I love singing in English, I say that Italian is my mother tongue but English is my father tongue! English is such a melodic language and it was British music in the late 70s that really spoke to me first; the style, energy and passion!"

"We try to harness that trinity of style, energy and passion in our live shows. I am a performer by nature and that thrill that comes when on stage is impossible to explain, it’s a kinetic transfer between band and audience ? I cannot wait to play the sings from "Better Mistakes" live."

Whilst the plaudits for the ‘Better Mistakes’ album roll in, and the live dates build up, Andrea already has his eye on the future. "I am constantly writing new songs. Right now I have the chance to express myself musically and I am going to seize it!" Well known in Italy as an actor in both mainstream and art house cinema, and currently enjoying guest roles in two of the nation’s biggest TV shows, he is neither split in his affections nor compromised in his vision for the band. "I have been lucky enough to work with directors like Peter Greenaway, Catherine Hardwicke and Michael Apted and appeared in films with Isabella Rossellini and Debbie Harry, but Marti and music are my first love and my priority. I am a volcano of ideas, ready to explode! Making the music that I love with Marti is truly an amazing ride but an incredibly emotionally and artistically rewarding one. This means everything to me and the rest of the band and we just cannot wait to continue the adventure."

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