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The Final Tour

On 24 May 2010, Eagle Rock Entertainment release The Final Tour Blu-ray [ERBRD5050] from The Shadows, this is the first Shadows product to be released on Blu-ray. This concert was recorded at Cardiff’s International Arena on June 5, 2004. The tracklisting includes an astonishing 23 UK top ten hits, of which no less than 8 were No.1’s, together with other favourite Shadows tracks. Eagle was the first visual music company to embrace High Definition and their commitment to the new technology continues with new additions to their Blu-ray catalogue.

The Shadows’ long and influential career has spanned 6 decades, with hit singles or albums in every one of them. Hank Marvin’s guitar playing has been an inspiration to hordes of guitarists down the years, including the likes of Brian May, Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend. Over a decade since their last tour, Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett reunited as The Shadows for The Final Tour, which kicked off in spring 2004. A sell out everywhere, the band played to over 90,000 people in the UK.


1) Apache Intro 2) Riders In The Sky 3) The Frightened City 4) Theme For Young Lovers 5) Peace Pipe 6) The Savage 7) Let Me Be The One 8) The Stranger 9) Kon-Tiki 10) Going Home (Theme From Local Hero) 11) Dance On 12) Nivram 13) Lady Of The Morning 14) My Home Town 15) Guitar Tango 16) Geronimo 17) Sleepwalk 18) 36-24-36 19) Shazam 20) Don’t Cry For Me Argentina 21) Equinoxe V 22) Mountains Of The Moon 23) Shadoogie 24) Gonzales 25) Don’t Make My Baby Blue 26) The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt 27) Atlantis 28) Shindig 29) Man Of Mystery 30) Foot Tapper 31) Please Don’t Tease 32) In The Country 33) I Could Easily Fall 34) The Day I Met Marie 35) Gee Whiz It’s You 36) Summer Holiday 37) Bachelor Boy 38) Little B 39) Theme From The Deerhunter 40) Wonderful Land 41) FBI 42) Apache

Boasting over 40 classic tracks and three hours of content, The Final Tour release is simply a must-have for any self-respecting Shadows fan.

For more information on this and other Eagle releases contact Chris Hewlett PR – or 0208 348 6767

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