Ken Hensley & Live Fire

New studio album – Faster

Ken Hensley & Live Fire release their new album “Faster” on 20 May 2011 via Edel’s international rock label, earMUSIC distributed in the UK & Republic of Ireland by Absolute via Universal. Ken Hensley wrote himself into rock history during his stint with Uriah Heep, enjoying writer / co-writer credits on such classics as “Lady In Black”, “Easy Livin'”, “Look At Yourself”, “Free Me” and “Stealin'”. Despite the fact that the Hammond-organist, guitarist and singer played a key role in the success story of the band, his musical vision differed and in 1980 he decided to take his own road.

After forming the short lived UK act Shotgun, he formed the first Ken Hensley Band in the US, before joining Jacksonville’s southern rockers Blackfoot for a two album stint. By the mid-90s, Hensley was ready to push forward and since then he has been weaving the old magic once again ? “Faster” is proof positive of that.

Live Fire is the Norwegian live backing-band Hensley has been working with for five years now and is comprised of vocalist Eir?kur Hauksson, Tom Arne Fossheim on drums, Sid Rinsby on bass and Ken Ingwersen on guitar. Recorded in Riga, Latvia in three weeks time with Live Fire, “Faster” offers classic Ken Hensley ? and more. “I just wanted to make a band record. Conceptually I wanted it to go back in time a little bit, to where a band plays together, plays a bunch of live shows, writes new songs and makes a record. The way it used to be.”


01. Set Me Free (From Yesterday) / 02. The Curse / 03. I Cry Alone / 04. Katrine / 05. Faster / 06. Slippin’ Away (The Lovers Curse) / 07. The End Of Never / 08. Beyond The Starz / 09. (At) The Last Minute / 10. Somewhere (In Paradise) / 11. Fill Your Head (With Rock)

Opening up with the mystical and mesmerizing melodic rock of “Set Me Free (From Yesterday)”, Hensley & Live Fire deliver the goods, setting the tone for an album full of strong songwriting, hooks and pure playfulness. “Faster” also features some straight-ahead, good-time rockers like its title track, and a similar energy roars its way through the closing song of the album, “Fill Your Head (With Rock)”, in which Hensley takes the stand for rock’n’roll in anthemic fashion. “Faster” certainly shows that Hensley’s head and soul are still full of Rock! ? earMUSIC is a project of Edel ? Contact:

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