Chasing The Grail & Remains Alive 2CD

Fozzy release “Chasing The Grail” and “Remains Alive” 2CD on 27 June 2011 via Edel’s international rock label, earMUSIC distributed in the UK & Republic of Ireland by Absolute via Universal. Fozzy was already on the map as the band with the pro wrestler singer but “Chasing The Grail” in Australia last year [only in Europe as an import] broke them as a proper band. It hit #6 on the US Heatseekers charts and the single ‘Martyr No More’ was a theme song for the WWE Royal Rumble. “Remains Alive” is a live album of all their best material, recorded in Australia in 2005. Never been physically released it includes hits like ‘With The Fire’ and ‘Eat The Rich’. Now being released together as a 2CD set, both are available for the price of one!

Fozzy began in 1999 when wrestler Chris Jericho met Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward at a WCW show. Their friendship grew and Ward invited Jericho to sit-in on jams with his cover band Fozzy Ozbourne. The premise was that the band ‘characters’ would perform cover songs as if they had written them and had them stolen due to a bad record deal! Starting out with a “mockumentary” on the band, news spread like wildfire gaining coverage on MTV and Much Music!

The band changed their line-up and also began writing their own material. In 2002 their second release “Happenstance” was their first big success taking them outside of the US and away from the cover songs. The band changed dramatically during this period and now consists of Chris Jericho (vocals, guitar), Rich Ward (guitar), Sean Delson (bass) and Frank Fontsere (drums).

Chasing The Grail
01. Under Blackened Skies / 02. Martyr No More / 03. Grail / 04. Broken Soul / 05. Let The Madness Begin / 06. Pray For Blood / 07. New Day’s Dawn / 08. God Pounds His Nails / 09. Watch Me Shine / 10. Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday The 13th) / 11. Revival / 12. Wormwood

Remains Alive
01. Nameless Faceless / 02. Don’t You Wish You Were Me / 03. Daze Of The Week / 04. Wanderlust / 05. Crucify Yourself / 06. End Of Days / 07. Freewheel Burning / 08. Eat The Rich / 09. Ignition / 10. Feel The Burn / 11. With The Fire / 12. To Kill A Stranger / 13. Enemy

Fozzy fell into their own genre of heavy metal rock and continue to shock and rock their audiences, ripping, shredding and tearing them apart with their heavy metal stoner rock. Touring this upcoming summer, the Fozzy story has more to come with gigs all over Europe. ? earMUSIC is a project of Edel ? Contact:

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