Roger Glover

If Life Was Easy

Roger Glover releases “If Life Was Easy” on 1 August 2011 via Edel’s international rock label, earMUSIC distributed in the UK & Republic of Ireland by Absolute via Universal. This new studio album from the Deep Purple bassist features contributions from Dan McCafferty and Pete Agnew of Nazareth, and Mickey Lee Soule (ex Rainbow). Roger Glover has been part of all incarnations of Deep Purple since the reunion in 1984. He joined the Lord, Paice and Blackmore, together with Ian Gillan in 1969 to form the famous MK II line-up. In the ’70s he co-wrote and played on albums like “In Rock”, “Machine Head” and “Fireball”, not to mention “Made in Japan” (to many, the best live album in rock history).

Recorded in hotel rooms, on the tour bus and ? whenever possible – in “proper” studios all over the world, “If Life Was Easy” is again proof of Glover’s talent. The production is impeccable, the audio quality stunning. “If Life Was Easy” ranges from blues rock to psychedelic moments (reminiscent of early Purple). Glover himself says, “This collection of songs reveals and obscures a range of emotions over a turbulent decade; separation, divorce, injustice, uncertainty, new love, escape, fatherhood, grandfatherhood, emigration, touring and losing my mother are some of the extreme highs and lows during this storm-tossed period. All were written wherever I was living, on a Mac and ProTools with a few instruments and gadgets ? extra musicians were added in the studio as needed.”

01. Don’t Look Now (Everything Has Changed) / 02. Box Of Tricks / 03. Moonlight / 04. The Car Won’t Start / 05. The Dream I Had / 06. Stand Together / 07. If Life Was Easy / 08. Welcome To The Moon / 09. Set Your Imagination Free / 10. When Life Gets To The Bone / 11. When The Day Is Done / 12. Staring Into Space / 13. Get Away (Can’t Let You) / 14. The Ghost Of Your Smile / 15. Cruel World / 16. Feel Like A King

Glover has a history of producing great albums and has achieved much outside of Deep Purple. When he joined Blackmore’s Rainbow for 3 albums, he produced their most successful works. His two albums with Nazareth were their best sellers. With Gillan/Glover he showed hard rock could be fused with pop and rock and roll. His solo works underline the influence his bass lines and musical view have on the famous Purple sound. Since Deep Purple’s reunion in 1984, he, together with Ian Paice, make up the best rhythm section you can listen to, rocking the world non-stop with new and old Purple classics. “If Life Was Easy” is the latest fantastic set from a musician who makes recording albums look easy. ? earMUSIC is a project of Edel ? Contact:

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