New edition of rarities album, with bonuses

Stratovarius have managed to become one of the top names in Metal, and without doubt are top of the Symphonic Metal tree. The band’s fans will be delighted by this re-issue of “Intermission” on 4 November 2011 via Edel’s international rock label, earMUSIC distributed in the UK & Republic of Ireland by Absolute via Universal. Originally released ten years ago after the success of the best-selling album “Infinite” in 2000, “Intermission” is a collection of 15 rarities. These tracks range from scarce bonus songs from Japanese releases to impressive live performances and even covers of track’s like Judas Priest’s “Bloodstone” and Rainbow’s “Kill The King” and “Surrender”. This 2011 issue also features two newly added bonuses, demo versions of the hits “Freedom” and “Neon Night Child”!

The band featured on “Intermission” is the classic line-up of Timo Tolkki on guitars, Timo Kotipelto as singer, Jari Kainulainen on Bass, Jorg Michael on drums and Jens Johannson on keyboards. The Finnish band quickly enjoyed a successful international career with albums like “Fourth Dimension” [1995], Episode [1996] and their epic project, a true peak in Symphonic and Progressive Power Metal, “Elements Pt. 1” and “Elements Pt. 2” to name just a few of the band’s milestones. By their fifth album “Episode” the band had truly found their sound and “Destiny” [1998] and the very successful “Infinite” really catapulted them to glory. 2005 saw the release of the eponymous “Stratovarius” and, despite Timo Tolkki then leaving the band, the first album without him, “Polaris”, was bigger than any of its predecessors!

1.Will My Soul Ever Rest In Peace? / 2. Falling Into Fantasy / 3. The Curtains Are Falling / 4. Requiem / 5. Bloodstone / 6. Kill The King / 7. U Surrender [Live] / 8. Keep The Flame / 9. Why Are We Here? / 10. What Can I Say? / 11. Dream With Me / 12. When The Nights Meet The Day / 13. It’s A Mystery / 14. Cold Winter Nights / 15. Hunting High & Low [Live]
16. Freedom [Demo] / 17. Neon Light Child [Demo]

The Stratovarius story continues apace, this year also saw the new album “Elysium” top the charts in Finland, the band toured with Helloween and more tour dates are due soon! ? earMUSIC is a project of Edel ? Contact:

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