9 Chambers

Real rock from noisy veterans

Long anticipated by the heavy rock community, the eponymous album by 9 Chambers gets its release on 25 November 2011 via Edel’s international rock label, earMUSIC distributed in the UK & Republic of Ireland by Absolute via Universal. A new band was always going to cause a serious ruckus if it combined musicians from some of the best names on the heavy scene like Greg Hampton [Alice Cooper, Bootsy Collins, Lita Ford], Ed Mundell [Monster Magnet], Jorgen Carlsson of modern Southern rock band Gov’t Mule and none other than Vinny Appice who ? of course ? was Dio’s drummer, played on landmark Sabbath releases and also with Heaven & Hell.

Beginning as a collaboration between Hampton and Ed Mundell, Carlsson and Appice were soon on board giving 9 Chambers serious pedigree. 9 Chambers may be new but they remember the glory days and the music on the album “9 Chambers” is heavy organic stuff ? no Autotune, no outside songwriters, no BS? 70s influenced hard rock, stoner / groove elements, tight playing, lots of guitar weaving and no studio trickery ? it’s all here and fresh for 2011. The album features 14 brand new tracks [and we include an extra bonus too] that critics in the US have already hailed as reminiscent of early Purple or Sammy Hagar’s Montrose, whilst some have described 9 Chambers as the modern version of Sabbath. Hugh praise indeed?

1. Life Moves On / 2. Majick Number / 3. One Thing Missing / 4. Know Your Enemy / 5. What’s It Gonna Get U / 6. All But You / 7. Bury Yourself / 8. Can’t Turn Your Back / 9. Other Side Of Time / 10. Indeed The Sun / 11. Use U Up / 12. Cut-N-Run / 13. No Escape / 14. Darker Side Of Sunshine / BONUS 15. Going The Other Way

9 Chambers have got it going on, and shine a light on what has been missing from a lot of the rock ”n” roll canon in recent years. With a European tour planned for 2012, now is the time to connect with this band. Call it chops, call it songwriting, call it pure and uncompromised hard rock? call it “9 Chambers”!

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