Tarja Turunen & Harus

In Concert ? Live At Sibelius Hall

Tarja Turunen & Harus release “In Concert ? Live At Sibelius Hall” on CD and DVD+CD / Blu-ray+CD formats on 5 December 2011 via Edel’s international rock label, earMUSIC distributed in the UK & Republic of Ireland by Absolute via Universal. Filmed and recorded at a spell-binding night at the Lahti Theatre in Finland, this is a blend of organ, electric guitar and, of course, vocals. What stands out is the modern approach to classical music, but also the warm and soft timbre of Tarja’s voice that will satisfy both the classical purists and her existing army of fans. This is the first release from this collaborative team and it features traditional and emotional music from Finland, presented together with more international repertoire [3 different versions of Ave Maria, You Would Have Loved This and the beautiful Walking In The Air].

Finnish singer Tarja Turunen is one of the best known heavy metal soprano singers and has become one of the most important female voices and faces in music. She made her name with the ground-breaking, multi-million-selling symphonic metal band Nightwish, and since leaving them has enjoyed a successful solo career. Her background and training is classical and, after the enormous success with Nightwish and her solo work, it is to this ‘first love’ that she returns for a while. “In Concert ? Live At Sibelius Hall” marks the start of a new journey, crossing genres and musical cultures. Harus is a peculiar Finnish word that describes the four tensors that keep a tent or a mast standing. This seems apt for an album that blends the musical backgrounds of the four performers in Tarja’s band, Harus, in a strong, yet stable manner, whilst never losing that experimental, modern feel.

CD: 01 Arkihuolesi Kaikki Heita / 02. Ave Maria Op 80 / 03. Ave Maria / 04. Maa On Niin Kaunis / 05. Varpunen Jouluaamuna / 06. Heinilla Harkien / 07. En Etsi Valtaa Loistoa / 08. Jouluo, Juhlayo [Silent Night] / 09. Astral Bells / 10. You Would Have Loved This / 11. Walking In The Air / 12 Improvisations On Christmas Themes
DVD / Blu-ray: 01 Heinilla Harkien / 02. Ave Maria Op 80 / 03. Varpunen Jouluaamuna/ 04. Maa On Niin Kaunis / 05. Concert Etude / 06. En Etsi Valtaa Loistoa / 07. Arkihuolesi Kaikki Heita / 08. Improvisations On Christmas Themes / 09. Ave Maria / 10. You Would Have Loved This / 11. Astral Bells / 12. Ave Maria[DVD / Blu-ray exclusive] / 13. Walking In The Air / 14. Jouluo, Juhlayo [Silent Night]

Maybe Tarja sums it up best: “In 2006 we did our first concert together. We had such joy and fun that we decided to keep on performing as a group. The name came many years later when we decided to make ourselves ‘official’. What is special in Harus is that every concert represents a magic moment. We have the freedom to be inspired by our own emotions. We hope to be able to offer you that spirit with this release.”

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