Tribal Tech

“X” album due March 2012

Music Theories Recordings is proud to announce the release of “X”, the new record by fusion pioneers, Tribal Tech. “X” [released on 26 March2012 through Music Theories Recordings, part of the Mascot Label Group on CD – Cat. No. MTR 7380 2] documents the latest musical journey of this revered jazz fusion super group, known for their complex arrangements and phenomenal solo interplay. Tribal Tech’s “X” has been the cause of feverish anticipation among the group’s loyal fan base.

On “X”, the members of Tribal Tech, Scott Henderson, Gary Willis, Scott Kinsey and Kirk Covington once again throw convention out the window, entering the studio without a set list of heavy arrangements. Instead each member brought musical sketches to the table and they turned on the tape machines and bravely set out to play together as a unit.

Scott Henderson, bassist Gary Willis, keyboardist Scott Kinsey and drummer Kirk Covington are each critically acclaimed on their instruments, culminating in a sound that is uniquely their own. As well, each artist keeps busy working on their own individual musical projects.

1 Mech X, 2. Got Faith N’ Phat 3. Time Lapse 4. Anthem 5. Palm Moon Plaza 6. Gravity 7. Working Blue 8. Ask Me A Question 9. Let’s Get Swung 10. Corn But

Tribal Tech have delivered perhaps the most phenomenal recording of their impressive 25+ year history as a band. This album embraces the group dynamic. Only when you have a rich band history forged by virtuoso musicians, can you achieve the kind of synergistic genius that Tribal Tech reach on “X”.

For more information or to request an interview please contact Chris Hewlett on 0845 601 2833 or email

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