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Live From Wembley: CD + DVD / Blu-Ray + CD

RSK Entertainment are delighted to announce that they will release an amazing Alter Bridge live set, entitled "Live From Wembley", on 2 April 2012. "Live From Wembley" will be available as a CD + 2DVD set [Cat. No. TDF0110] and also as a Blu-ray + CD [Cat. No. TDF0111]. When Alter Bridge formed in 2004, their collective dream was to one day sell out this iconic venue; and sometimes dreams come true! This phenomenal show is therefore a key moment in the band’s career, and this is the only live footage/recording of that event on 29 November 2011that has ever been available. Alter Bridge is Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips.

"Live At Wembley" comprises a 14 track live album and 21 tracks on Blu-ray / DVD featuring songs from all 3 of their albums including the hits: "Rise Today", "Watch Over You", "Blackbird", "Ghosts Of Days Gone By" and "Isolation". The film was shot in HD and directed by Award-winning Director Daniel E Catullo III, who also produced and directed the band’s previous DVD "Live From Amsterdam". The package also includes a one-hour documentary "The Road To Wembley", a live CD with 16 songs and a photo gallery.

1.Slip To The Void 2.Find The Real 3. Ghosts Of Days Gone By 4. Come To Life 5. All Hope Is Gone 6. Metalingus 7. I Know It Hurts 8. Coeur d’ Alene 9. Blackbird 10. Wonderful Life 11. Watch Over You 12. Ties That Bind 13. Isolation 14. Rise Today

1.Slip To The Void 2. Find The Real 3. Ghosts of Days Gone By 4. Before Tomorrow Comes 5. Come To Life 6. All Hope Is Gone 7. White Knuckles 8. Brand New Start 9. Metalingus 10. Broken Wings 11. I Know It Hurts 12. One Day Remains 13. Coeur d’ Alene 14. Buried Alive 15. Blackbird 16. Wonderful Life 17. Watch Over You 18. Ties That Bind 19. Isolation 20. Open Your Eyes 21. Rise Today

Alter Bridge are on of the greatest live bands that there has ever been and this valedictory show, at one of music’s most iconic venues, serves to underline the potency and musicianship that make them special, and have made them one of the biggest bands in the world.

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