Steve Harley

Special one-off gig!

Steve Harley is delighted to announce that he will perform a special one-off show in Birmingham in November 2012. On 24 November 2012 he will perform “The Human Menagerie” and “The Psychomodo” albums in their entirety, in sequence, back to back, with accompaniment by Cockney Rebel but also the Orchestra Of The Swan and their Chamber Choir.

Steve explains, “The albums were both heavily orchestrated, and I’m bringing the original arranger, Andrew Powell, with me to conduct The Orchestra of the Swan and their Chamber Choir, all complementing my 8-piece rock band. There will be almost 50 players on stage, and ‘Sebastian’, ‘Death Trip’, ‘Ritz’ and other big productions will be played in their original format. To say I am excited would be a massive understatement.” The response from Steve Harley’s fans has been amazing; organizers are aware of at least a dozen flying in from the United States, several from Canada, a few from Australia, and many more from all corners of Europe and the UK.

Cockney Rebel’s debut album “The Human Menagerie” was released by EMI in 1973, immediately marking Steve out as an original and distinctive artist and Cockney Rebel as a versatile and charming band playing music that ranged from pop to glam-rock and progressive-rock. The epic 12-minute Death Trip, taken from the album, will be performed live with the full orchestration of the recorded version for the first time ever.

The band’s follow-up album, 1974’s carnival-esque The Psychomodo, further established Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel as an eclectic musical tour-de-force – particularly unique for their use of violins in place of electric guitars. The album features the hit track Mr. Soft and was co-produced by The Beatles and Pink Floyd engineer Alan Parsons.

?37.50 / ?42.50*

As for the choice of the Symphony Hall, Steve believes it is the, “Finest concert hall in Britain, maybe Europe. I have played it twice with the rock band, and the acoustics were exceptional; but this, with the Orchestra Of The Swan and their Chamber Choir joining us, promises to sound sensational”. This one-off show is unmissable!

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