Carl Palmer Statement

Regarding Cancellation of December Dates

Following the unfortunate cancellation of the December UK tour due to Carl Palmer’s illness, the ASIA drummer has been following doctor’s orders and been convalescing. Carl was afflicted by a severe case of E. coli (food poisoning) that resulted in him being unfit to perform these dates; this represented the first time in 47 years as a professional musician that Carl has been forced to take such an action. Happily, the process of recuperation is going well and Carl has issued the following statement:

"All check-ups were carried out on 9th January and after two hours I was told by my Consultant that I was once more on safe ground with my health. Nevertheless I have been told to rest for the remainder of the month because I am still experiencing some symptoms, which are all now manageable. I am really looking forward to getting back to playing next month."

2013 will prove to be an exciting year for ASIA. With new guitarist Sam Coulson in place, a prestigious slot at Sweden Rock confirmed and more high profile live dates to come, plus a new studio album, ‘Valkyrie’, to be recorded for Frontiers Records, the band’s trajectory continues: onward and upwards!

For more information please contact or call 0845 601 2833 in the UK; in the US and other markets please contact or call 585-454-2756. See also

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