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New Album in April 2013


The new album ‘Universal Breakdown Blues’ from Popa Chubby is released through the Mascot Label Group / Provogue on 22 April 2013 on CD and LP formats [Cat. No. PRD74132 and PRD 74131 respectively]. Popa Chubby is one of the leading musicians in blues/rock who has a loyal following. He embarks upon European tour directly after release of these twelve brand new tracks ? including a mind-bending version ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ – that capture the fire and energy of his live shows.

‘Universal Breakdown Blues’ is a modern urban blues/rock offering that reflects the soul of Popa Chubby’s world. The album represents an entirely new level of his tempestuous, soulful playing. Popa puts it all into the simple language of music and invites us all to the party! Nearly 20 years have passed since the good Popa [aka Ted Horowitz] made a big splash in the blues community with his groundbreaking major label debut, ‘Booty And The Beat.’ Since then he’s done his own thing. Always. Never taken the easy route ? he even turned down Broadway to take his own road.

“This is the blues now. It’s the people’s blues. The blues belongs to the people and I get to sing it. If there’s one thing I want people to know about me, it’s that I’m a survivor,” says Popa Chubby. “Here’s my story: My dad died when I was seven. I was abandoned and raised myself. I moved to New York City when I was 18 and started playing music. I got a huge heroin habit and ended up strung out on the streets until I was in my early twenties. I started playing again and got away from drugs and never went back, and then I got into the New York blues scene of the early ’90s, and here I am today.”

1. I Don’t Want Nobody / 2. I Ain’t Giving Up / 3. Universal Breakdown Blues / 4. The People’s Blues / 5. Rock Me Baby / 6. 69 Dollars / 7. Over The Rainbow* / 8. I Need A Lil’ Mojo / 9. Danger Man / 10. Going’ Back To Amsterdam (Reefer Smokin’ Man) / 11. The Finger Bangin’ Boogie / 12. Mind Bender
* First track of side 2 of LP format

Raw, powerful, edgy blues and that’s just what Popa Chubby serves up here; we can all relate to these themes and this vital music. ‘Universal Breakdown Blues’? Truly.

For more information please contact Chris Hewlett on 0845 601 2833 or email chris@chrishewlett.com

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