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5 massive acts launch Eagle’s
new mid-price 2CD range

Eagle Records are delighted to announce the launch of their new mid-price series “Eagle Classics” on 7 October 2013. Each release brings together two original Eagle Records CD releases into a single set for the first time. Each comes as 2CDs in a slipcased slimline jewel box and offers excellent value for money. The first releases are Deep Purple “Live At Montreux 1996 + 2006” [EDGCD513]; George Thorogood & The Destroyers “Ride ‘Til I Die + The Hard Stuff” [EDGCD514]; Levellers’ “Green Blade Rising + Truth & Lies” [EDGCD515] and Willy DeVille “Crow Jane Alley + Pistola” [EDGCD516]. Eagle are also creating “Armoury Classics” and the first release on that imprint is none other than Alice Cooper with “Brutal Planet + Dragontown” [ADMCD553].

“Live At Montreux 1996 + 2006” combines two classic Deep Purple shows, the first in 1996 and the second in 2006. Few bands have a stronger relationship with Montreux as epitomised in their all-time classic song “Smoke On The Water” with its opening line of “We all came down to Montreux”.

The George Thorogood & The Destroyers release combines two studio albums, “Ride ‘Til I Die” from 2003 and “The Hard Stuff” from 2006. George Thorogood is an American icon and these two albums epitomise his signature guitar licks and trademark vocals on a selection of classic covers and originals.

The Levellers release features “Green Blade Rising” from 2002 and “Truth & Lies” from 2005. The band have had a spectacular career and remain one of the biggest live draws in the country. “Green Blade Rising” was a real return to form, whilst follow up “Truth & Lies” is one of the most upbeat albums of their career.

“Crow Jane Alley” from 2004 and “Pistola” from 2008 are landmark studio albums from the late Willy DeVille. From his breakthrough with Mink DeVille and their smash hit “Spanish Stroll” in 1977, Willy DeVille produced a masterful body of work featuring his unique blend of rock, soul, R&B, blues and Cajun with articulate lyrics and a distinctive vocal style. These were the last two studio albums before Willy’s death from cancer at the age of just 58 in 2009.

The Armoury Classics release from Alice Cooper, “Brutal Planet” from 2000 and its companion release “Dragontown” from 2001, represent the new industrial style that he was exploring at the time and are thematically linked..

Each release from the new mid-price “Eagle Classics” range [and indeed “Armoury Classics”] will bring together two sensational works from a range of artists and performers that are worthy of inclusion in any fan’s collection.

For more information on this and other Eagle releases please contact Chris Hewlett PR on chris@chrishewlett.com or 0845 601 2833

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