White Light Generator

New studio album March 2014

Crippled Black Phoenix are to release a brand new studio album “White Light Generator” on 17 March 2014 through Cool Green Recordings, a division of Mascot Label Group [Cat. No. CGR 7430]. The album will be released as a CD, limited edition vinyl set (2LP + 7 inch), digital album and digital deluxe album (iTunes only). This new collection marks not only the band’s tenth anniversary, but also the start of a new chapter in the intriguing and sometimes confusing history of CBP.

Following 2012’s “(Mankind) The Crafty Ape” studio album, the min-album “No Sadness Of Farewell” and “Live Poznan” in 2013, “White Light Generator” brings us right up to date. The album features new vocalist of Daniel Änghede as well as the usual suspects, Justin Greaves, Mark Furnevall, Christian Heilmann, Ben Wilsker, Karl Demata and Daisy Chapman, plus guest performances from Belinda Kordic (who featured on the last two CBP albums and works as a team with Greaves in Se Delan) & Chrissie Caulfield (who played violin on past CBP tours).

The music on the album itself reflects the past year of upheaval, and is laced with the band’s trademark progressive heaviness and weirdness. “White Light Generator” is split into two quite distinct halves, with the first half (Black Light) bearing the heavier side of the music, and the second half (White Light) features the more simple, dark and melodic songs. Justin Greaves said, “Sonically, I wanted to make an album that’s more simple, just good songs which are more about feeling than musical prowess, an album which relies more on the natural sounds of analogue, of course we’ve always worked that way, but this time there’s less meddling and manipulation in the production, I think it came out well as a result. If you like older, more warm and mushy, less sparkly clean sounds, then you may like this”.

[BLACK SIDE] 1 Sweeter Than You / 2 NO! [Pt.1] / 3 NO! [Pt.2] / 4 Let’s Have An Apocalypse Now! / 5 Black Light Generator / 6 Parasites / 7 _______
[WHITE SIDE] 8 Northern Comfort / 9 Wake Me Up When It’s Time To Sleep / 10 Caring Breeds The Horror / 11 You’ll Be Murdered / 12 We remember You / 13 A Brighter Tomorrow
[BONUS TRACKS] 1 Now You’re Gone / 2 Self Seeking Man
Bonus tracks only available on the 7 inch vinyl single as part of limited edition LP /on deluxe digital edition

Laid down at Chapel Studio in deepest Lincolnshire, where the previous two albums were also recorded, “White Light Generator” was again engineered by Ewan Davies and produced by Justin Greaves. Justin commented, “We’ve made an album that is more of a show of what CBP is deep down inside, without all the flashy-bells-ringing-grandeur… Well, less of it anyway”. Crippled Black Phoenix are leading the way in the underground alt-progressive genre and “White Light Generator” is another important addition to the output of an increasingly important British band.

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