The Parlotones

Launch their new album Stand Like Giants on Virgin Atlantic, with the world’s first on board performance
and shows in London and Glasgow!

Multiplatinum, award winning South African rock band The Parlotones will launch their new album “Stand Like Giants” with the world’s first ‘on board’ performance on Virgin Atlantic flight VS602 from Johannesburg to London on March 30th. Virgin Atlantic passengers will be the first to experience a concert on board an airplane and will also be able to make song requests and be serenaded in their seats as the band work their way through the cabins meeting fans.

Virgin Atlantic President Sir Richard Branson said: “Music is in the Virgin DNA, so we’re really excited that a hugely successful band like The Parlotones will launch their album live on board a Virgin Atlantic flight. Throughout this airline’s history we have looked for innovative and entertaining ways to give our passengers the very best flying experience, and an acoustic concert at 37,000 feet is definitely true to that pioneering spirit.”

Described variously as “South Africa’s answer to Coldplay” by The Independent; “SA’s answer to Radiohead” by The Guardian, in truth they offer “Impassioned, stadium-ready indie-rock of a superior kind” [The Mail on Sunday]. The Parlotones are known for their incredible concerts and the band will also perform new songs at two UK shows;

1st April at Kensington Roof Gardens,
3rd April at King Tuts in Glasgow [].

Their new studio album “Stand Like Giants” will be released on June 2nd. via earMUSIC and is one of the band’s finest to date. The new studio album perfectly encapsulates the powerful sound and meaningful, uplifting lyrics that have enchanted hundreds of thousands of Parlotones fans around the world and have made them the biggest selling rock band of all time in South Africa.

With single leading into single the listener will be transported into an endless succession of powerful, memorable and richly textured, meaningful hits. In a world where albums consist of obligatory singles accompanied with filler tracks, “Stand Like Giants” stands out as a modern day classic filled with a collection of spectacular tracks each complimenting the next.
The opening track and first single “Sleepwalker” blends all the elements of a radio enforced stadium anthem complete with all-encompassing sing along choruses and a good dose of oh-oh-oh-oh. “Slow Assassination” is a reinforcement of the bands strong social responsibility initiatives and highlights the effect humanity is having on the planet in a way that makes you want to dance towards a solution.
“Spellbound” continues the journey with its dreamlike synths tapping into the bands inner Depeche Mode. Another outstanding stadium anthem is the 4th. track “Shake it Up,” with influences drawn from the heyday of alternative music channeling the alternative legends of the past. By the fifth track “Never Stand Alone” you will be reaching into your pocket for that lighter. The track erupts into an emotional crescendo and you are lifted up to a euphoric plane where you believe that you “will never stand alone.”
The title track “Stand Like Giants” is an ode for the world we live in, emphasising themes of unity and overcoming all that stands in our way. It is the kind of track that you can visualise unifying thousands under a single objective and overcoming whatever stands in our way.
“Sympathise With The Cost” will remind you why you fell in love with The Parlotones in the first place with its deep thought provoking lyrics and beautiful melodies delivered by a symphony of strings. The album begins its conclusion with “Powerful” the first of 3 staple Parlotones tracks, encompassing the sound and uplifting lyrics that have enchanted hundreds of thousands of Parlotones fans around the world and have made them the biggest selling rock band of all time in South Africa, while “Chinese Vase” taps into the deep and solemn world of Nick Cave with a melancholy but beautiful stroll into an emotional world. “Songs Of Whales” will jerk you back to reality with a beat and riff that just makes you want to move, as you get drawn into the sing along chorus.