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September 15 release date announced for Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns

Mascot Label Group has announced the signing of Jefferson City, Missouri’s Shaman’s Harvest. The band’s album ‘Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns’ will be released on September 15. They have premiered the track “Country As Fuck” with

Shaman’s Harvest achieved big success in the US with their independently released Shine album, which featured “Dragonfly.” The song rose to number #16 on Billboard’s Active Rock chart and #9 at Heritage Rock, selling over 150,000 singles and tens of thousands of albums. To date, the video has been viewed 2.3 million times on YouTube. Additionally, the composition was featured on the soundtrack of the major motion picture ‘Legendary’. In 2010, Shaman’s Harvest recorded “Broken Dreams” for the WWE as the theme song for wrestler Drew McIntyre, and cut “End of Days” as the entrance track for Wade Barrett and The Corre.

The band members all grew up together sharing dreams, and becoming men in the heartland of the U.S.A. Hunt shares, “Living in Missouri is awesome. There’s a beauty in the grit of us Midwesterners. We work hard, make babies, drink too damn much, and we’re not afraid to rebuild and start over when we get God-smacked. We have an art community all our own, inspired by wind in the wheat fields, and summer morning haze off the rivers and streams. If shit is broke we either fix it ourselves, or put it up on blocks for yard art.”

As they began recording ‘Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns’, singer Hunt was diagnosed with throat cancer. He reveals, “I immersed myself in this record, committed to not missing a day. I didn’t know if it was gonna be my last record so it was treatment, then studio, then some days back for more treatment. Everyone deals with cancer differently. There was a period I felt alone and a couple tracks speak to that directly and other times I felt overwhelming love for my mates and people who were there for me. I was lucky enough to be recording during it and it’s all there.”

Dangerous / Here It Comes / Ten Million Voices / Blood In The Water / The End Of Me / Country As Fuck / Hero / Dirty Diana / In The End / In Chains / Silent Voice / Dragonfly (Extended Unplugged Version)

The album is pure in the way it breathes feelings and emotions. Hunt states, “Whether they’re driving down the highway, at work, or doin’ the nasty, these songs should be the soundtrack. I think people will accept the diversity from song to song whether it’s a riff rock vibe like ‘Here It Comes’ or it’s a darker, emotional anthem such as ‘Ten Million Voices’ without categorizing Shaman’s.”

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