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Maccara may be a name unfamiliar to music fans in the UK but in Ecuador they have named a city after the band. Well, perhaps, but coincidences like the existence of Maccara [in Loja Province near the border with Peru] is just an example of the unusual linkages, connections and perceptions that this five-piece seem to engender ? hence the name of the upcoming album "Synesthesia". Perceiving letters or numbers as inherently coloured or ascribing personalities to the days of the week may be a symptom of this neurological phenomenon but Maccara have a way of spotting a melody, and lyrically clearing a path through the noise to the heart of the matter.

Comprised of five members, but boasting many more flavours and influences, Maccara’s sound is underpinned by Hollie Evans’ potent vocals and Sri Lankan Illy’s eclectic, heavyweight guitar styling and songwriting verve. The band are already carving out a reputation on the live scene, and have been signed up for representation by the renowned Agency Group.

A series of linkages and connections brought the band into the orbit of Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi. Immediately captivated by the shades of light and dark and the melody and power cranked out by the band, he invited Maccara on tour and produced this debut album. The connections continued apace and soon Gregg Jackman was on board to co-produce "Synesthesia", having already worked with Seal, Enya, Tom Jones and more.

"Synesthesia" is a collection of 13 strong songs, including many that have become live favourites ? "I Can’t Imagine", "Back In The Day", "Too Far Gone" and the strangely familiar sounding "You’ll Come Round". With many many live dates now under their belts – including support slots for Quo, Uriah Heep and REO Speedwagon – it is time to associate Maccara not with a number or a colour but with serious musical flair and future success. They are not quite at the world tour stage, but the guys in Ecuador are ready and waiting.

For more information on Maccara please visit or or contact Chris Hewlett on 0208 348 6767 or email

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