East End Babylon

The Story of the Cockney Rejects DVD release

THERE WERE ONLY 3 WAYS OUT OF THE EAST END ? FOOTBALL, BOXING & ROCK N’ ROLL??. EAST END BABYLON ? The Story of the Cockney Rejects DVD release ? 17 June 2013 – CADIZDVD123 Cockney Rejects release their critically-acclaimed documentary ‘East End Babylon’on DVD on 17 June 2013 [Cat No. CADIZDVD123].

The DVD will come packaged with a copy of the recent album of the same name, a 12 page booklet and an exclusive poster. Directed by Richard England, the film was given four stars by MOJO magazine, which said that it, “Manages to articulate more about the UK in the late 70s and early 80s than any sane person could rightfully expect? East End Babylon puts 80’s Britain under a microscope. Fearless storytelling.” The Independent hailed, “An unflinching, bloody and bloody funny account of one of rock ‘n’ roll’s rawest tales – and an elegy to the East End that spawned it.” Vive Le Rock said, “Rejects and director Richard England unveil what could well be the documentary of the year.”

As well as the film itself, the ‘East End Babylon’ DVD release includes over 90 minutes of outstanding bonus extras [see over for full run down] including unseen music and interview footage. Sean Forbes [Rough Trade / Vice] added, “The film was truly amazing. It has a little bit of everything ? comedy, sadness, a piece of London that’s been forgotten and a great story.” Formed in the turbulence of late Seventies East London as an answer to the dominant art school punk, Cockney Rejects cornered their patch with their brand of terrace singalong classics and a white hot live set. In recent years they were discovered by a new fanbase such as US bands Rancid [whom The Rejects supported in Glasgow in December] and Green Day; Russian firebrands Pussy Riot covered “I Am Not A Fool”. The Rejects were fiercely working class, the band eschewed the political ramblings of punk’s first wave and sang about their own circumstances.

Joe Strummer famously said that, “The Rejects were the real deal”, whilst Morrissey reckoned, “Jeff Turner was obviously singing to avoid killing someone.” Signed by EMI after playing four local gigs (less than The Pistols!) they found themselves playing sell out tours across the UK and seeing their debut album storm the charts. Top of the Pops appearances followed, which became the stuff of legend as the band ran amok, finally being banned from the show.

Due to overwhelming demand, the band returned to the live circuit in 2000, playing to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe with a live set that is so energetic that it has to be seen to be believed ? UK dates in 2013 are to be announced shortly. The band will also release ‘Hammer ? The Classic Rock Years’ in May 2013, also through Cadiz Music, a box set of their four 80s rock albums.

Cockney Rejects have never been more in demand but it’s been a long road to get to this point. Louis Vause [Madness / Graham Coxon / Fast Show] said of the film, “I thought it ranked up there with the Dr Feelgood documentary; great grasp of History, very eloquent from the band themselves (and entertaining). Especially the lead singer. Good use of archive? And what do you know: a fairy tale ending. I was grinning all the way home.”

Ian Blackaby of Ardent Music said simply, “At last a real film about the East End of London.” ‘East End Babylon’ is the story of Cockney Rejects, but it’s more than that; it’s the story of the music, the story of the times. As Malcolm Dome of Classic Rock / Total Rock said, “A no frills look at the career of the band who probably had more punk attitude than almost anyone else. Honest, brutal and always entertaining.”

The film was directed by Richard England (executive producer of Oil City Confidential) and edited by Henry Stein (recently edited Celebration Day ? Led Zeppelin). www.eastendbabylon.co.uk www.cockneyrejects.com

For more information or to request an interview please contact Chris Hewlett on 0845 601 2833 or chris@chrishewlett.com

DVD Contents
1) “EAST END BABYLON”? the complete film 104 minutes
2) BONUS FEATURES 90 minutes Tour Memories – Jeff, Mick, H and Vince reminisce about touring in the late eighties. Back to the Start – Childhood stories, growing up in the East End and having to go to school! Bridgehouse Stories – Terry and Darren Murphy, Lee Drury, Freddie Brown, Vince, Mick and Jeff discuss the legendary Bridgehouse venue in Canning Town. Rejects Acoustic set – Live at BH2 classic songs played acoustically. Jeff Turner at West Ham Working Men’s club – His first live talk about the history of the band. Silvertown – “Promo” for the song “Silvertown” using film footage and archive material. East End Babylon – “Promo” for the song “East End Babylon” using film footage and archive material Where the hell is Babylon – Jeff and Mick discuss the concept of Babylon and their search for it. Canvey Island – Holiday footage of the Geggus clan on Canvey Island and Jean Geggus interviewed in her caravan. How many Rejects? – Rejects and film director Richard England attempt to frame a picture. It’s Alright? – Tony Van Frater on guitar plays a couple of his Rejects favourites.
3) CD ‘East End Babylon’ ? the complete audio album

For more information or to request an interview please contact Chris Hewlett on 0845 601 2833 or chris@chrishewlett.com

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