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Cockney Reject Jeff Turner throws some new shapes

Launching themselves and the album with a show on 24th October 2015 at the 100 Club, Jeff Turner’s new band The Outfit will release their debut ‘Forgotten Class’ through Cadiz Music on 20 November 2015. The Outfit is named after Al Capone’s mob in 20s and 30s Chicago and sees Jeff teaming up with two fantastic musician/songwriters from his home town of Custom House, East London. It was here that The Cockney Rejects formed in 1979.

Drawing from their various loves of soul, rap and hip-hop and rock, the band truly has its own identity; with The Outfit Jeff is broadening his sound. The band is made up of Jeff, Louis “Reason” Bowers and Wayne Maynard. Louis is the son of Tony Bowers, the co-owner along with his brother Martin of the famous Peacock boxing gym in Canning Town. Wayne is a guitar player and songwriter, he also plays in the East End Promises.

Jeff said, “I was amazed at just how talented and full of life they both were and just what a fantastic producer Louis is. We met up one day, and I walked out of that studio at just gone midnight with a fully finished, mixed song. Stuck it in my CD player on the way home and was fucking knocked out. We knew instantly that we had something and from then on went at it full throttle. Song after song flowed from then on and we ain’t afraid to try anything. Recording together is a pleasure, never an argument, we just gel. Rock, punk, synth, soul, reggae, rap, hip-hop, it’s all there and all with our own genuine East End feel to it. This to me now is the natural, up to date, current evolution of The Rejects circa 1979. It’s where we are now in 2015”.

100 Club, Oxford Street, Doors 7.30pm, The Outfit 10pm, Special Guest Don Letts [DJ Set], £12 plus booking fee from WeGotTickets.Com & SongKick.Com

Cushty Geez / Getting Out There / Dangerous Times / Get Out Of My Face / Nothing Left / Fighting Back / The Friend’s Request (Welcome To My World) / Like Anybody Else / Sitting On Top Of The World / It Had To Be You / We’re On It

With The Outfit, Jeff has shown that he is more than capable of a bit of reinvention, but without losing his dynamism and attack along the way. Perhaps it’s wise to leave the last word on ‘Forgotten Class’ to him: “I’m immensely proud of the record and my bandmates. It may not be every Rejects fan’s cup of tea but it’s not about that. It’s about The Outfit.”

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