Mishka Shubaly

New album from Johnny Depp-approved NY musician and best-selling author

On 29 June 2015, Mishka Shubaly will release ‘Cowards Path’ through Invisible Hands Music on LP and CD. Described by Johnny Depp as “Forever a favourite – sublime!” the album features twelve affecting tracks shot through with the blackest of humour. Shubaly himself calls it a “collection of depressing, alcoholic, nihilistic songs” and, whilst he’s correct, there’s hope here too amongst the piles of broken bottles, promises, dreams and bones.

There’s an irony inherent within the very existence of the album itself in that it was only when Shubaly, as he puts it, “came to his senses” that he was able to truly create. His spur to putting his house in order and moving away from the cycle of self-destruction came from US comedian Doug Stanhope. Captivated by the whiff of brimstone and erudition, the beauty within the chaos that oozes from the music, Stanhope dragged the New Yorker out to support him on a national tour.

Pickup Lines / New Jersey Valentine’s Orphan Blues / Your Stupid Dreams / Frankenstein Heart / Taxes & Jail / Ohio / I Can’t Remember When You Were Mine / Depravity’s Rainbow / Alcoholison / Fuck Self-Control / Eating Alone / Your Plus One At My Funeral

A celebrated best-selling author with six No.1 Kindle ‘Singles’, having been translated into four languages and nearly 200,000 units sold, in November Shubaly published a collection with a foreword by Jeff Bezos. He is now clean and sober and has replaced self-destruction with extreme marathon running [100 kilometre races]. ‘Cowards Path’ itself exists at the margins of what’s possible, and beyond what’s advisable, an act and a testimony of brinksmanship, of a life not lived well.

This is not music for a dinner party. This is not a party record. As Shubaly says, “I am not a role model”. But, by documenting his time spent at the bottom of a bottle, with courage, wit and élan, Shubaly proves finally that the ‘Cowards Path’ is, in fact, anything but.

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